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Excited about the conference

Posted by patriot@harnerfarm.net on September 17, 2018 at 4:05 PM

Though it's been a long time since I posted, I just had to comment about our upcoming conference. It's exciting to have a veterinarian like Dr. Carin Frenchick willing to come talk about diseases like CAE and CL, plus take questions. I understand she's been fielding questions about runny noses and watering eyes in goats and when that's a sign of the smoke and dust in the air versus a sign of pneumonia. I'm sure we'll learn a bunch.

Dr. Steve Hart has an excellent reputation and years of goat research experience. He's joining us remotely, but the sound system at our conference center works great for these type of presentations.

Don't all of us want to take better photographs? Tina Leppert and her sister Sarena Blotter will present their ideas. Tina's the photographer andSarena the helper, so they'll share some of their tips about working together and getting those great shots.

People love their Livestock Guardian Dogs, but sometimes have unrealistic expectations. Deborah McAvoy will explain characteristics of the major breeds and help you decide which might fit your farm.

The Dairy and Meat Goat Roundtables will look at profitability and brainstorm methods of making money with our respective operations; plus learn more about the laws and rules.

The Youth Poster Contest is new. We thought picking a conference date during Teacher's Convention meant children wouldn't be in school. Still, we'll take your posters - preferably the youth will be able to bring their posters - and show us what you've learned.

Hope you'll attend.

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