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Questionnaire As A Base

Posted by patriot@harnerfarm.net on November 3, 2016 at 5:10 PM

You may be wondering how we’re pulling all of this together. We’re actually working via email with a few phone calls thrown in. We may have to physically meet, but when your committee members are scattered across the state, working via email gives us a track of our decisions and we can each work as time is available.


The process began with the group sharing their bios with each other and trying to understand everyone’s perspective. Then I sent each member a questionnaire asking such things as:

What should the name of the group be?

What are the purposes of the group?

How should this organization be structured?

Where would you like to see us a year from now? In five years?


The answers were compiled with every member seeing all the answers from the rest of the group. We used those ideas to decide on the name, domain name and to begin planning activities and writing bylaws.


Deb McAvoy agreed to start compiling a list of contact names and addresses so we’ll have it ready when we work on our Kick-Off Event and push membership.


LeAnn Norton put together a listing of links to help those visiting our website learn more about goats.


Jennifer Ponds is working on combining all our “purposes” for the bylaws and seeing if we have gaps so the committee can review.


Jaclyn Hollands is learning the ins and out of our website host and working on the site.


I'm working on the website as well as developing the sections of the bylaws dealing with membership and structure.


As we move along, the committee members are constantly sharing ideas and suggestions back and forth. We’re committed to giving this organization a solid, cohesive base.By the way – as far as we can determine – we’ll be the only statewide organization that addresses all types of goat owners. There may be some clubs that reach across the aisle, but we seem to be blazing a new trail.

By LeAnn Harner


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