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Steering Committee

Posted by patriot@harnerfarm.net on October 25, 2016 at 11:35 AM

We have a steering committee to get this association started! Deb McAvoy, LeAnn Norton, Jennifer Pond and Jaclyn Hollands have all stepped forward with me to pledge our support and effort over the next two months to developing an association for all North Dakota goat owners - regardless of breed or interest.

Here’s a little more background about each member.

Deb McAvoy, Anamoose – Deb has dairy goats and participates in the ADGA performance programs (linear appraisal and DHIA milk testing). She sells goat shares and is familiar with the regulations on selling both dairy products and meat. Deb brings a lot of goat knowledge and professionalism to the committee.

LeAnn Norton, Fargo – LeAnn N. is a nursing student at NDSU and just moving from owning mostly pet goats to developing a more serious dairy herd as she learns about pedigrees and performance. She brings the fresh perspective of what a newbie needs to know as well as a willing set of hands no matter the task. She already helped with a couple of goat events, including cleaning up afterwards – the sign of a true volunteer.

Jennifer Pond, Bowman – Jennifer is no stranger to people with meat goats across the state and has worked for several years to try to bring goat folks together. In 2010 she led the ADGA & USBGA show in Bowman (which included several educational presentations), then worked on the succeeding shows in Baker, MT and Park River, ND. She’s had Boers since 2005 and has added a few dairy does as well. Jennifer is interested in marketing goats and caprine products.

Jaclyn Hollands, Mapleton – Jaclyn is a fairly new owner of Nigerian Dwarfs, though she doesn’t consider herself a milker – yet! (That’s a future goal.) She’s employed with Forum Communications and travels ND helping Forum’s sales force communicate their digital products to Forum customers. So she’s working closely with AgWeek, Northland Outdoors, and the eastern ND newspapers. She’s most interested in educational opportunities and will be a big help marketing our association.

LeAnn Harner, Mandan – In case you don’t know me, I’ve had registered Nubian goats since 2010. Our goats were intended as home milkers, but then I wanted to keep a couple of kids – and you can guess the rest. I’ve been involved in ADGA Linear Appraisal since 2012 and on milk test since 2015. I have over 30 years professional experience in the association management world, so pulling together a new group is challenging, but still familiar territory.

I'd like to thank the people from the North Dakota Goat Breeders Facebook group or our tour who expressed support and offered assistance. The five of us on the Steering Committee are just the beginning of the volunteers we'll need to make your association work. We'll put together the framework, and then we're going to need help with committees, planning activities, and just keeping things running. So don't feel bad if you weren't asked to help in the beginning. I have your name and we'll find a place where you can use your talent to help.


By LeAnn Harner

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