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Welcome to the Dakota Goat Association.

The DGA is an association for anyone who is interested in any type of goat including dairy, meat, fiber, fainting or pets. Through the DGA, you'll be able to meet others with the same interests and concerns. We're holding or assisting with a variety of events ranging from basic education to performance programs.

Every two months you'll receive a newsletter packed full of information directly relating to keeping goats on the Northern Plains. It includes stories from breeder on how they got started and maintain their operations, articles on disease, recipes, and information about events.

DGA activities provide you opportunities to:
  • Meet other goat people
  • Learn about goats or goat products
  • Share ideas
  • Ask questions

We hope you'll participate!

Left: Mandy Thomas-Chesney (kneeling center) demonstrates how to draw blood while participants at our Barn Talk June 13th watch carefully.

The January-February issue
of Goat Prints is now being distributed by our new Secretary Jessica Berndt. Check your email for your copy.

UPCOMING EVENTS - We'll keep this list updated.
February 20, 2021 - DHIA Milk Testing Class - Mina, SD Register here!
February 27, 2021 - DHIA Milk Testing Class - Hazen, ND - Register here!

More activities will be listed soon.

We're looking for farms to host events. If you have an interest, please contact a member of the Steering Committee.