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Our FIRST EVER - Statewide Goat Conference!

Friday, October 20, 2017

USDA-ARS Lab, Mandan, ND

9:00 AM Registration

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM - Program


9:00 AM - Registration – Silent Auction opens – Cheese Tasting opens as donated cheese arrives

10:00 AM - 10 Things Every Goat Owner Should Know

By Susan Schoenian, Extension Sheep & Goat Specialist, University of Maryland

11:00 AM - Nutrition for Goats

By Charlotte Heim, BSC Animal Nutrition Instructor

Noon – Lunch & Silent Auction


12:45 PM – Parasites and Goats Susan Schoen, Extension Sheep & Goat Specialist, University of Maryland

1:30 PM - Reproduction - By Amanda Long, Research Assistant,

NDSU Hettinger Research Extension Center and Dept. of Animal Sciences

2:15 PM - Break – Last chance for Silent Auction


2:30 PM - Rotational Grazing, Pasture Issues, and Fencing – Rick Schmidt,

Oliver County Extension Agent

3:15 PM - Choose A Roundtable: Dairy Goat Producer OR Meat Goat Producer
  • The dairy goat session will cover linear appraisal, milk testing and milking issues.
  • The meat goat session will cover topics of concern for all non-dairy goats.

4:15 PM - Conclude Silent Auction

     Discussion on future of DGA and what activities the membership prefers

5:00PM - Adjourn


Send registration with payment postmarked by October 16th for Early Bird Pricing.

Click here to see more about our speakers.

Pre-registration Encouraged to Help Us Plan—See form below.

Contact: Deborah McAvoy

Phone: 701-399-9700 Email: [email protected]


Other Activities:

Goat Product Display and Silent Auction

(Bring your goat items to display or donate to the fundraiser. We’d love to see your soaps and lotions, tanned hides, goat artwork, kid jackets, etc.)

Cheese Tasting

(Cheesemakers, please bring your flavored cheeses ready to put out for tasting. We’d prefer not to have just plain chevre, so bring a flavored chevre, chevre with topping, or any other type of cheese you make from goat milk. We’ll provide crackers.)

Discussion on Future DGA Programs

(Bring your ideas!)


Click here for downloadable and easy-to-print pre-registration form or use the form below.
If you have troubledownloading, just email LeAnn Harner and she'll email you a copy.

Are you willing to help us promote the conference? Download a conference poster here,
print it out and post at your local feed store, vet clinic, etc

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Please complete and mail with a check to the address on the bottom of this page.

Registrations must be POSTMARKED by October 16th for the early bird rate.


 QTY.                   DESCRIPTION


___ $30—Member Registration (Includes 1 lunch and 2018 DGA dues)


___ $45—Non-Member Registration (Includes 1 lunch and DGA dues for the remainder of 2017 as well as 2018)


___ $5 each—Additional lunch tickets


Only 1 registration is required per family or household.

Additional family members may attend by paying for lunch.


___ $20—2018 Dues only (for anyone who can’t attend the conference, but wishes to be a DGA member for 2018.

This includes your bi-monthly newsletter sent via email.)


___ $10—Extra charge if you want the newsletter printed and mailed instead of emailed.


___ ????? Donation—Any size appreciated


_______ = TOTAL ENCLOSED - Prices are $10 more after October 16th


Please PRINT legibly. This information is used for sending your newsletter and goes into the directory UNLESS you check this box: _____


Name of New or Renewing Member: ______________________________________________________________

Check One: ______ Individual Membership _____ Family Membership (Both are $20)

Name(s) of Additional Family Members Attending Conference: _________________________________________

(So we can make name tags.)


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Phone:  ________________________ Email: ____________________________________

Website: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Facebook Page: ______________________________________________________________________________

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Please enclose with a check made out to Dakota Goat Association and mail to:

Dakota Goat Association, 1583 39th St. NE, Anamoose, ND  58710